5 Ways To Care For Your Preserved Flowers

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There’s a reason why flowers are such a big hit universally - it is because they have a personal attachment to them. But the downfall of the gift of flowers is that they tend to die, that’s why a lot of people nowadays try to dry or preserve their flowers as a way to keep the memory alive. Preserved flowers are quite trendy because they last significantly longer than fresh flowers. With that being said though, preserved flowers will only last given the care conditions. Here are 5 ways to care for your preserved flowers.


How Long Do They Usually Last?

It’s kind of hard to say how long preserved flowers will last because there is a pretty big range - some may last a year while others can live for more than 5 years. Ultimately, it comes down to where you’re storing the preserved flowers.


Open Environment

If your preserved flowers are just sitting in a vase on your table then chances are, it will last for approximately one to three years. This is due to the open space environment conditions such as the temperature and the sunlight that over time, deteriorates the shelf-life of the flowers.


Glass Jar

If your flowers are preserved in a closed container like a glass jar, they can last for more than 5 years. This is because as it is in an enclosed environment, the glass is able to block out quite a bit of things that will build up and make the flower die. It is suggested that if you do put it in a closed environment, you seek the help of a florist because they know what sort of closed conditions will be most sustainable for your preserved flowers.


Should I Water Or Spray It?

Yes, preserved flowers are still flowers but the key difference between the two is that preserved flowers are dead. Hence, there is no need to water them. For the same reason, you may hear that some people will spray perfume or some sort of fragrance on it as when flowers are preserved, it loses their natural smell. Do not do this - it will cause more damage to your flowers than good!


Where Should I Put Them?

Just like real flowers, do not place your preserved flowers in direct sunlight. This is because it will cause the colour of the flower and the flower itself to fade and wash out. It is also important to keep in mind that placing them in an environment that is humid like your bathroom or kitchen is also not ideal. Doing so will make the flowers moist and cause them to go mouldy.


Where Can I Get Preserved Flowers?

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