About Us

Hello, my name is Ella! I am the owner/ artisan/ admin of Lila’s Garden. My hubby, Felix, of course also helps a lot in all aspect of the business ;) We are a small but growing online plant hamper business based in Killara, Sydney, NSW. Lila is our daughter and we believe Lila’s Garden originates from Her existence. P.S. we also have a little bossy assistant, Flint (our son), who loves to cheer us up and take lots of photos.

Our story starts with us moving in to Killara back in late 2019. I was heavily pregnant with little Lila and I had a burning desire to decorate the house perfectly before her arrival. I had an empty huge glass vase that I am longing to put as a centerpiece in our dining area. Upon researching for ideas, my growing passion to terrariums develop and I ended up making and filling up every corners of our new house with handmade terrariums. I couldn’t stop and I had to share my love to everyone around me. I was then gifting away a lot of terrariums to my friends in no time!

We believe in the joy of gifting and that everyone deserves to enjoy the beauty of nature at home..
What can be better than giving your loved one with a beautiful living gift that grows like your love to them?

To complement our gifting range, we are proudly expanding our portfolio with hand poured natural aromatherapy range of soy wax candle and diffuser. All infused with 100% pure essential oil. All products can be sold separately or beautifully wrapped up in our signature Lila’s Hamper Box. We are also selling our preserved flowers online collections. So keep browsing and don't forget to have fun and treat yourself!!

Lots of Love,

Lila’s Garden