Basic Mistakes With Plant Terrariums

It’s out with the old putting plants in pots because now, one of the latest trends is to place them in terrariums. Terrariums, although offer the same function as planting pots, are a bit different from pots because of their aesthetics. You will find that terrariums are usually made of glass and bowl shaped which makes it quite unique. However over the years, there’s been an increase in preference for terrariums because plants generally last longer in terrariums. But with this benefit comes other challenges because not all plants thrive in the conditions that terrariums offer. Here are a few other basic mistakes that people make with plant terrariums:  


Too Much Or Too Little Light

Some plants will need a lot of light in order for them to grow while other plants may not require as much. Generally, plants that are most suited for terrariums are those that do not need a lot of light. As terrariums are usually made of glass, if this is placed directly in sunlight, it can cause the plants to burn which is why terrariums are more suited for plants that do not need direct sunlight.


Leaving It Close To Heat Sources

Again, we cannot stress to you how important it is that the sun or any other form of heat sources is not shining and hitting the terrariums if it is made of glass otherwise it can cause the plants to burn quickly. It can also break the glass because of the stress the heat puts on the glass.


Your Plants Being Overgrown

If your plants are overgrown, you will not be able to see the terrarium and the aesthetic of it. That’s why it is highly suggested that you regularly prune your plants’ roots to keep them small as well as maintaining its neatness and tidiness.


Not Removing Dying Plants

As terrariums are usually bowl shapes, it is often more closed than pots. What this means is that if there are certain leaves that are dying, you need to be able to immediately remove them from other plants otherwise it will spread and kill other plants.


Not Cleaning Your Glass Terrariums

Even though plants in terrariums do not require a lot of sunlight, it does still need to soak in some light which means that if you are not cleaning the glass, it will be dirty and fog up. As a consequence, it will make it hard for sunlight to hit the plants and allow it to grow.


Just One Call Away

We can’t tell you how popular terrariums are now for plant lovers. This is the perfect gift for those who want to take care of low-maintenance plants. If you are based in Sydney and this is a last-minute gift, you can buy terrariums online. Lila’s Garden offers our services online so you can find these terrariums online in Sydney, so shop here!