Benefits of Preserved Flowers

What are preserved flowers?

Have you ever bought some flowers only to relish it for a few days? Worry not, preserved flowers remain fresh and natural for months, even years! Now, you can buy your favorite flowers without having to worry about its lifespan.

Ever wondered what key benefits of preserved flowers are, and why it is becoming more and more pertinent? Here they are:

The Longevity

One of the key differentiating factors of preserved to fresh flowers is that it lasts much longer. Believe it or not, when preserved the right way, they can last up to 3 years! How does Lila’s Garden make this happen? We put the fresh flowers plucked in a special gel solution to maintain its fresh appearance and touch. And, we promise the freshly cut appearance to last for up to 3 years. Are you looking to make your loved one feel special? Why not pair your preserved flowers with the long-lasting flower diffusers? Inspired by nature’s healing power, Lila’s Garden is bringing natural aromatherapy into your beloved space. Get ready to be mesmerised and find your inner peace 

Value for money

 Since they last for a long period, dried flowers offer great value for money. There is no need to spend every few days or weeks on your flowers. With our dried flowers, you only have to spend once, and enjoy their beauty for years, literally. You could rather spend the money saved on our plant hampers. They could be a great present to your loved ones as they include, terrarium plants, aromatherapy candles, and a nice bottle of champagne, all in one hamper! It is as good as it sounds!

Easy maintenance 

Have you ever got to work, and then realising that you have forgotten to water your plants? Well, preserved flowers aren’t going to be a burden in that regard. Our flowers do not need to be watered or maintained in any way, so, you can simply buy your preserved flowers online, and let the flowers take care of themselves. To further enhance the beauty around these flowers, you can buy terrariums online. We have terrariums of different models, shapes and sizes, so you can find the one that suits your environment best. These include fishbowl, vase, cubic, and even closed terrariums.

Environmentally Friendly

Our dried flowers are incredibly sustainable and are ecologically friendly too. Given its longevity, frequent production, processing, and transportation are not necessary, which means we are significantly reducing our carbon footprint on a regular basis. Furthermore, the waste that might be induced as a result of frequent production are substantially minimised.

Next steps…

The aforementioned benefits are only some of many advantages of using preserved flowers. So, we think you should get one to experience it for yourself. You can check out our preserved flowers by clicking here.

Apart from the dried flowers, you can also find the terrariums, plant hampers, and diffusers mentioned in the article. Not to mention, we also have Succulent Pots along with some accessories for your terrarium maintenance. Click here to shop now.