Choosing Between Preserved And Dried Flowers

Fresh flowers are always nice but the downside to having fresh flowers is they don’t last very long. For that very reason, there has been a growing demand for preserved and dried flowers because they last a lot longer than fresh flowers which means the emotional attachment you have to the flowers will be there longer. Before you start picking out these flowers though, do you know what the differences between the two are? Here are a few differences between preserved and dried flowers which may help you in choosing which one you may prefer:


What’s The Difference Between Preserved Flowers And Dried Flowers?

As the name suggests, dried flowers are dried meaning they are dehydrated which eliminates all the moisture that the flowers may have. Preserved flowers on the other hand, are fresh flowers that undergo a special process to ensure that the longevity of these fresh flowers is increased. Ultimately, the difference between the two types of flowers is that they require different processes to reach the final result.


Difference In Appearance

Dried flowers, because they are dried up, have a more rustic look and feel to them while preserved flowers still look hydrated and moist so they have a fresher appearance than dried flowers. The difference in appearance allows you to have a preference depending on which one you feel is more suited to your taste because there is no right or wrong choice.



As mentioned earlier, the processes to achieve preserved and dried flowers differ vastly. For the preservation of flowers, fresh flowers are put in a special gel solution which helps with keeping its fresh appearance and touch. Dried flowers are usually air-dried or hung over a certain period of time so that the moisture is sucked out of the flowers.


How Long Does It Last For?

While both last longer than fresh flowers, preserved flowers actually lasts longer than dried flowers. Dried flowers can last up to a few months given the correct maintenance that it requires and preserved flowers can last up to three years.


Weighing In The Costs

If you’re opting for the cheaper option, dried flowers are the way to go because it is less costly than preserved flowers. This is because preserved flowers have a significantly longer life span than dried flowers.


Level Of Maintenance

Preserved flowers do not require any form of maintenance but with dried flowers, they do require a certain level of maintenance that may be slightly similar to fresh flowers. If maintained well, dried flowers can last for a couple of months however if it is maintained poorly, it will die sooner.


Just One Call Away

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