Christmas Gift Ideas

In a blink of an eye, the season to be jolly is just around the corner. Whether you are looking for gifts early on to avoid the Christmas shipping delays or looking for presents the night before Christmas in Sydney, Lila’s Garden  is a great place to start.

COVID-19 has seen many people picking up different hobbies, one thing we noticed was the growing interest in health and well-being. Here are some gift ideas at Lila’s Garden for a special someone, from you:


Buy Terrarium Online Sydney

We cannot possibly name one person who has not bought a plant of some sort during this lockdown, and rightfully so. Plants are a great symbolism of life and growth which, given the pandemic, was exactly what everyone needed to keep sane. Rather than gifting more plants to that special someone or people, why not enhance the plants? Terrariums are effective ways to care for and maintain the life of plants by keeping the plants in an enclosed glass container that is under the perfect conditions for the plants. Lila’s Garden offers a vast range of terrariums including:

  • Succulent terrarium
  • Forest terrarium
  • Water-featured terrarium
  • Christmas edition terrarium

You can buy these terrariums online which will be carefully handled and delivered to your doorstep.

Flower Diffusers

Flower Diffusers Online Sydney

Christmas is about showing someone you appreciate and love them, and what’s better to show someone you love them by showing that you care? For those who love scented candles but are tired of having to constantly keep an eye on them, flower diffusers are the solution. Flower diffusers leave a fragrance roaming throughout the home and can deeply connect a person to a past event or memory. Diffusers are also long-lasting which means it requires little-to-no maintenance while the person is tapping into their inner peace without worrying about setting the house on fire.

Preserved Flowers

Preserved Flower Online Sydney

For many, flowers are a display of different occasions and celebrations - whether that may be a birthday, graduation, or a holiday season like Christmas! But the challenge is that flowers do not last long, and the solution to maintaining their original colours and shape is through preservation. In today’s age, preserving flowers has been more common as a sustainable way to cherish and keep a memory or event alive. However, the process of preserving flowers can be strenuous and time - consuming, so why not buy preserved flowers online? Lila Garden’s preserved flowers are made from real and natural flowers that will still last for a long time allowing for the memories to flourish over many years.

Plant Hamper

Plant Hamper Online Sydney

For the plants-loving special someone who may like a little bit of everything, the plant hamper will be most ideal. In light of Christmas, Lila Garden is offering two different Christmas hamper packages:

  • Christmas Plant Hamper
  • Mini Christmas Plant Hamper

All packages represent different things and when combined into a hamper, it will brighten someone's day. Buy the plant hamper online in Sydney to ensure that this gift awaits them before Christmas day arrives.

To speak with our team at Lila’s Garden about the products we offer and what we can do for you, contact us through our website: