How to take care of terrariums?

Lila's Garden is a terrarium online shop in Sydney that provides one stop shopping for a plant lover to find perfect gift match for their beloved one. We are passionate in creating piece of art and made it with love in every single of our products. We create our terrariums with utmost love and care, and we would like to give you a few tips to take perfect care of your terrariums:

Exposure to light

It is important to note that the light exposure your terrarium plants gets. In other words, it is recommended that you don’t expose your terrariums with too little or too much light. As with any plant, it is crucial that your terrarium gets at least some light to survive. This can be achieved by placing your terrarium at a place where it could get indirect sunlight. When placed under direct sunlight, the glass container of the terrarium could act as a magnifier, which might burn the plants. Thus, always make sure you find the optimal but not too much light for your plants.

Watering your terrariums

As a terrarium shop, we understand that knowing when and how much to water your terrarium plants could be quite tricky. There are a few indicators to help you make these decisions. If your plant has got a dry substrate, then it is a good indicator to water more. Remember, terrarium substrates can never be dry. Crispy, yellow, or wilting leaves are also a good indication of your plants needing more water. Get a feel of the substrate, and make sure that it is moist but not soggy. Foggy glass indicates that there is too much water in your terrarium. If over-watered, please leave the top off or absorb any additional water using a paper towel.

How often to water your terrarium depends on your terrarium size, materials, plants, and environmental conditions. On one hand, adding just a little at a time will make sure you’re not over watering the plants or grossly over-saturating the substrate. But by constantly opening up a closed terrarium to add water, you’re never letting it settle into a healthy water cycle of its own. As a rough guide, a typical closed terrarium will need topping up with water every couple of months. More so if you regularly ventilate your terrarium.

Cleaning a closed terrarium

After buying our lovely closed terrariums online, it is necessary to maintain them through regular cleaning. Ideally, you would want your terrariums to let as much light through the glass as possible. Not to mention, if you want your terrariums to look great forever, you should ensure that you follow certain cleaning procedures.

The outside of the container can be wiped using any window cleaner, but please don’t use any toxic cleaning solutions to clean the interiors. This prevents from the plant getting poisoned.

Mineral deposits could form white residue on the glass over time, especially if you use tap water. You could use 50%-50% mix of water and white vinegar to clean it. Gently wipe or spritz off leaves that have been soiled during your exertions. Let the surface moisture dry before resealing the terrarium.

We can’t tell you how popular terrariums are now for plant lovers. This is the perfect gift for those who want to take care of low-maintenance plants. If you are based in Sydney and this is a last-minute gift, you can order terrariums online. Lila’s Garden offers our services online so you can find these terrariums online so shop here!