The Benefits of Preserved Flowers

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Traditionally speaking, flowers are fresh and meant to be taken care of until they just die and get thrown out. When this happens, it makes it almost seem as though the memories and the emotional attachments that go with it are also thrown out. But what if flowers didn’t have to die? What if they can last for a long time and are there to remind you of your cherished memories? This is what preserved flowers can do. Preserved flowers are a way of the future and with them, it’s a green thumbs up. Additional to these benefits, here are a few more perks of preserved flowers:



It’s interesting how people love getting and receiving fresh flowers yet there’s always going to be the thought of how short-lived these flowers are but, this is not the case with preserved flowers. Given the proper type of care, preserved flowers can last up to 12 months while fresh flowers can only live for 3-5 days.


Requires Very Low Maintenance

With fresh flowers, there’s always a lingering worry with watering - whether you have overwatered it or underwatered it. Yes, there is such a thing called overwatering and that’s what makes taking care of flowers difficult. But with preserved flowers, they are very low maintenance to the point where you are not required to water them.


Worth Every Cent

Generally, preserved flowers are more expensive than fresh flowers but if you’re going to weigh up which ones are more worth, we would say preserved flowers save you more money. They are of a similar price range but the longevity of the two makes preserved flowers well worth the buy.


You Can Arrange Them in Any Way You Like

Preserved flowers are easily rearrangeable which means that if one day you are bored of seeing how it’s arranged, you can re-arrange it. This makes it highly versatile especially if this is a gift as the receiver can re-arrange it to fit their preference.


Thrive in All Seasons

Some fresh flowers do better in spring while others may thrive in summer however with preserved flowers, they can thrive throughout all four seasons. Further, because they can be maintained through all seasons, preserved flowers are highly economical and do not require constant replacements.


Just One Call Away

The perk of preserved flowers is that you can buy them online and get them delivered to your house, ready to be displayed or gifted to your loved ones. Flowers are a great symbol of celebration, whether it is for a graduation, a birthday, or just simply because you want to have floral decor around your house, Lila’s Garden can help you. Our team at Lila’s Garden is highly skilled and trained in our floral services and can present to your wide range of beautifully crafted preserved flowers. Lila’s Garden offers our services online so you can buy the preserved flowers online in Sydney here.