Ways You Can Display Your Preserved Flowers

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Everybody loves flowers, right? Their colours, the smell, and most of all, the memories attached to those flowers just make gifting flowers so special. However, the one problem a lot of people don’t like receiving flowers or are hesitant to buy flowers is because flowers tend to die so quickly. But luckily for you, Lila’s Garden has a solution for you: preserved flowers. Preserved flowers are so trendy nowadays because they last for a long time and sometimes, indefinitely if preserved correctly. If you have preserved flowers, here are some ideas on how you display them:



Not only is having preserved flowers in a box aesthetically pleasing to look at, but it's also very convenient. As preserved flowers are very low maintenance, they do not need to be watered nor do the petals fall out and die. This makes putting it in a box convenient because it's confined in a space that is beautifully arranged. Boxes can come in many different shapes which helps arrange the flowers in a shape easily. The one thing you should note is that you should not place the box of flowers in direct sunlight - just like you wouldn’t with real flowers. This is because it can cause the flower to discolour and make it fade.



If you love that with fresh flowers, you can put it in a vase and use it as a centerpiece for your kitchen table or just around your house, then preserved flowers can do the same. Just because they are preserved doesn’t mean you can’t put them in a vase. Although if you do put it in a vase, do not put water in it, reserved flowers do not need to be watered.


Picture Frame

This type of display is unique because when you think of picture frames, you generally think of having photos in them, and quite possibly, that’s why they’re allied picture/photo frames. But, having preserved flowers displayed in these frames is beautiful because they can be hung up on the wall and be used as decor around the house.


Enclosed Glass Terrarium

Having reserved flowers in an enclosed glass terrarium gives you a Beauty and The Beast kind of vibe. As it is enclosed, you prevent dust from going into the terrarium which can collect dust on the flowers while the glass allows you to see it crystal clear as though it's not inside an enclosed space. If you do choose to have your preserved flowers in an enclosed glass terrarium, try to avoid constantly opening and letting the air in. It’ll just make dust come and build up inside.


Resin Mould

This is also different and nowadays, has gotten more common. Resin moulds come in so many shapes, letters and numbers so it makes it more sentimental if you are gifting it.


We Can Help

Preserved flowers make the perfect gift because it is so low-maintenance while having so many different ways of displaying them. If you are based in Sydney and need a last-minute gift, you can buy preserved flowers online. To speak with our team at Lila’s Garden about the products we offer and what we can do for you, contact us through our website: https://lilasgarden.com.au/.